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END OF THE WORLDLast place pilgrims arrive


Pilgrim hostel in Finisterre - Santiago Way

2 star at hostel prices

A place in the Santiago Way where you can rest, relax and recuperate for the hard way.

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Reserving pilgrims hostel in Finisterre

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We have 50 places distributed in space and people, so you may as well stay in a group.

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Santiago Way - Finisterre - Muxia

Santiago Way - Finisterre - Muxia

Once past the entrance to the village, following the arrows and indications of Santiago Way...

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Need more information hostel Sonia?

Do you need more information?

When in doubt, question or suggestion, contact us via any of the following means.

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Tourist and pilgrim hostel

Tourist and pilgrim hostel in Finisterre Santiago Way

Come to Finisterre

Last point to arriving pilgrims...

In the Sonia's Finisterre hostel, Buen Camino, we have started this journey with enthusiasm by clouds and wanting to do things right. We have been very lucky, because the first pilgrims who visited us with their willingness and their advice and support, filled us with good energy and desire to move forward. We opened our doors in early June 2015 and we know we have stuff to do and to improve, but with time and patience you have shown us and offered our guests, we will gradually getting to our hostel, the resting place with we've dreamed of at the beginning of this project.

Perfect for relaxing, bright, and quiet. A building in the village of new construction, transformed this summer in a two star hostel with a quiet, spaces for relaxation and meditation...

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